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When Donald Trump said that Fox News host Megyn Kelly had " blood coming out of her wherever ," he showed that cultural taboos and biological misconceptions about female menstruation die hard. Trump later denied implying that Kelly asked him unfair questions in the first Republican presidential debate because she was having her period, but rather said he was referring to blood coming out of her nose. His original comment — made at a time when women are running corporations, countries and for U.

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For Radha, dinner is served at 7. She crouches down behind a shed, a good distance from her house, then waits. She knows what the menu will be: boiled rice, the same as yesterday and the day before.

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So for as long as I can remember, I considered by period dirty. While it was repeatedly emphasised during the sermon at church and at the church youth group I attended, the more shameful criteria of what being clean — such as virginity, masturbation and menstruation — was usually conveyed to us growing girls by our mothers. Of course, times change and people grow up to form their own ideas, rather than those imposed from above from parents or institutions.

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Because of the woeful lack of education, me and my friends had to figure out periods on our own. Thanks to the inherently cissexist nature of our current society, most information around periods is incredibly gendered. In some parts of the world, people on their period are shunned from society while they are bleeding, due to the belief that periods are unclean and impure. But periods are a natural part of biology.

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Vector illustration of dirty pants with menstrual blood drops in women monthlies period, shopping list and a calendar. Feminine hy. Royalty-Free Vector.

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Vector illustration of dirty pants with menstrual blood drops in women monthlies period, soft pad and a calendar. Feminine hygiene. Royalty-Free Vector.

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I recently broke up with my boyfriend -- we had almost made it a year. And to make matters worse, I had harbored feverish notions that he was perhaps "my person," or at least one of 25 on this earth who I had actually managed to find. On paper, his self-presentation was classic upper-middle-class whiteboy: long and tall.

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Remember when we got the infamous talk about sex, hair, odor, and other bodily changes that signaled puberty is coming? I was in middle school when the conversation turned to ladies and their menstrual cycles. Somehow, one of the boys in our group thought that women were always on their periods.

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Skip navigation! Story from Rag Week. Amy Sedghi.

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Periods are having a moment. Not longer shackled by shame, has been about menstrual realness. Once spoken about only in hushed tones and most certainly not discussed in public is no longer a dirty word. A wellness trend!