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Human reproductive systemorgan system by which humans reproduce and bear live offspring. Provided all organs are present, normally constructed, and functioning properly, the essential features of human reproduction are 1 liberation of an ovumor eggat a specific time in the reproductive cycle, 2 internal fertilization of the ovum by spermatozoa, or sperm cells, 3 transport of the fertilized ovum to the uterusor womb, 4 implantation of the blastocyst, the early embryo developed from the fertilized ovum, in the wall of the uterus, 5 formation of a placenta and maintenance of the unborn child during the entire period of gestation6 birth of the child and expulsion of the placenta, and 7 suckling and care of the child, with an eventual return of the maternal organs to virtually their original state. For this biological process to be carried out, certain organs and structures are required in both the male and the female.

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The penis and the urethra are part of the urinary and reproductive systems. The scrotum, testes testiclesvas deferens, seminal vesicles, and prostate comprise the rest of the reproductive system. The penis consists of the root which is attached to the lower abdominal structures and pelvic bonesthe visible part of the shaft, and the glans penis the cone-shaped end.

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Reproduction is the process by which organisms make more organisms like themselves. But even though the reproductive system is essential to keeping a species alive, unlike other body systems, it's not essential to keeping an individual alive. In the human reproductive process, two kinds of sex cells, or gametes pronounced: GAH-meetzare involved.

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All living things reproduce. This is something that sets the living apart from non-living. Even though the reproductive system is essential to keeping a species alive, it is not essential to keeping an individual alive.

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The images below illustrate the male and female body parts that are involved in sexual activity and reproduction. These body parts are also commonly referred to as genitals, reproductive organs, or sex organs. The male body has sexual organs both inside and outside the body.

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The external structures of the male reproductive system are the penis, the scrotum and the testicles. Penis — The penis is the male organ for sexual intercourse. It has three parts: the root, which attaches to the wall of the abdomen; the body, or shaft; and the glans, which is the cone-shaped end of the penis.

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The male reproductive system includes external penis, scrotum, epididymus, and testes and internal accessory organs. These external structures are the penis, scrotum, epididymis, and testes. Male Reproductive System : Lateral view of male reproductive system with organs labeled.

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The male reproductive system consists of a number of sex organs that play a role in the process of human reproduction. These organs are located on the outside of the body and within the pelvis. The main male sex organs are the penis and the testicles which produce semen and spermwhich, as part of sexual intercoursefertilize an ovum in the female's body; the fertilized ovum zygote develops into a fetuswhich is later born as an infant.

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Birth Landmarks Links. The ability to reproduce is one of the unifying characteristics of all living things. Sexual reproduction produces offspring that are genetically different from their parents.

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By disrupting the action of androgens during gestation, certain chemicals present in food, consumer products, and the environment can induce irreversible demasculinization and malformations of sex organs among male offspring. However, the consequences of simultaneous exposure to such chemicals are not well described, especially when they exert their actions by differing molecular mechanisms. To fill this gap, we investigated the effects of mixtures of a widely used plasticizer, di 2-ethylhexyl phthalate DEHP ; two fungicides present in food, vinclozolin and prochloraz; and a pharmaceutical, finasteride, on landmarks of male sexual development in the rat, including changes in anogenital distance AGDretained nipples, sex organ weights, and malformations of genitalia.


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